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About Us

PWC Fishing LLC is an inspiring new company offering exciting adventures and personal experiences to fish aboard your own personal watercraft (Personal Watercraft/ Jet Ski). We provide jet kki rentals, unguided fishing trips, sightseeing tours, and fishing packages for you to enjoy fishing and other watersport activities in the Hampton Roads area and Newport News.

With PWC fishing, we guarantee adrenaline-fueled fishing rides to and from the fishing spots, reach shallow areas that are hard for boats to reach, and allow you to keep more fish compared to a charter boat. This is because each Seadoo is a vessel with its own catch limits. Please check the local and state laws regarding catch limits and seasons. Links are provided in our resources section on our FAQ page.

Our local guides have all the knowledge to get you to the fish. We provide you a Seadoo for our unguided fishing trips and include the fishing package. You may also rent one to have a personal ride on the waterways. What makes us stand out is providing quality and one-of-a-kind personal experience to each and every customer. Bring your adventurous side and let us show you a whole new world of fishing!

About the Owners

Andrew Tucker

Andrew has been around the water his whole life. He was born and raised in Rhode Island and grew up around the Narragansett Bay. Fishing became an interest of his around the age of 8. It started off with freshwater fishing for bass and trout but when he decided to go saltwater, freshwater was a thing of the past. Stripers, also known as Rockfish, were plentiful in the Narragansett Bay and catching one 50 inches or bigger was the norm for him. He made his way down to the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia in 2005 and started working as a Department of Defense contractor for the United States Navy in 2011 where he still currently is. He loves spending time with his wife and kids and takes every opportunity he gets to be on the water. He always wanted to start his own business and together with the help of his new business partner Colton, they turned an idea into a business opportunity like no other.

Colton Seaver

Colton is a family man that has 3 daughters with his highschool sweetheart Caseylynn. Growing up near Lake Ontario, one of our “Great Lakes”, fishing was something he always did and enjoyed going down to the local marina to fish off the docks. At the age of 8, he got to experience his first charter on Lake Ontario, and with help, reeled in a 27lbs King Salmon and a 22lbs Steelhead. This experience was one he will never forget and solidified his love for fishing. While traveling the county as a pipe welder, he had an opportunity to start his first business Royal Retreats Crash Pads. Starting and running this small business became a second passion of his, so when the opportunity and idea arose to start PWC Fishing, it was a no brainer! “Getting to combine both passions has been an amazing experience.”

The Birth of PWC Fishing

PWC Fishing started off as an idea that Colton and Andrew came up with while welding together on the USS Gerald R. Ford, also known as CVN 78, the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier. Having worked together for 6 months and went on a couple of underways together, they both realized they had similar likes and ambitions. Andrew was studying to get his Captain’s license and was interested in charter fishing which was a dream of his since he was young. During Andrew’s studies, he jokingly stated that he was going to get himself a jet ski and set it up for fishing to save money. After stopping and really thinking about what was said, Colton turned the idea into a business. After a great amount of research, and a couple of phone calls to the Virginia DWR, Andrew and Colton figured out how to start off in this brand new market. 

PWC Fishing operates out of Deep Creek Landing Marina in Newport News, Virginia. PWC Fishing is a perfect solution to fill the gap between charter boat fishing and jet ski rentals, bringing the excitement and fun from both businesses into one amazing experience all in the Hampton Roads and Tidewater area!

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of all Seadoos. Seadoo is one of the best PWC manufacturers on the market. We have 6 GTX models, 2 of which are the Supercharger, and the other 4 are new 2021 models!

All of our Seadoos are regularly maintained by local dealers and are ready to ride. Come rent one today and see why PWC Fishing is a one of kind experience on the Chesapeake Bay!

Safety first

Here at PWC Fishing, your safety is our top priority. We make sure that each and every renter is equipped with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the water. Each of our Seadoos has all of the necessary safety equipment required along with a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. Our staff will provide you with dockside Safety training to help you understand how to operate the Seadoo properly while enjoying your wonderful experience. Safety comes first and all of the training time does not count towards your rental. Your time starts when you leave the dock!