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Must Arrive 30 minutes Early

All operators must arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled rental time to complete the dockside safety training video and fill out the necessary rental paperwork. This means if you book a 12pm rental, you must arrive at Deep Creek Landing Marina at 11:30am.

Please be sure to check in at the marina’s office or Ship Store/Fuel Dock on Pier 4 (entrance located next to the Main Office). 

Cancellation Policy

Renters will receive a full refund or credit if renter cancels with 48 or more hours notice.

Renter will also receive a full refund or credit in the case of fishing guide cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen conditions/circumstances.

Renter shall contact PWC Fishing by phone or email about a cancellation. PWC Fishing in no way can guarantee that PWC Fishing will timely receive said cancellation.

If renter does not arrive to the scheduled trip, the renter will be charged full price of the trip.

Weather Policy

Renter agrees and understands that the operation of the jet skis are a weather-permitted activity, and that high winds and rough seas may affect the time in which you may operate the jet ski. Cancellations due to imminent and potentially dangerous weather are at the sole discretion of PWC Fishing and Deep Creek Landing. PWC Fishing and Deep Creek Landing reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to the threat of imminent and potentially dangerous weather up to, and at any time during, any scheduled rental.

In the event of unsafe conditions, PWC Fishing and Deep Creek Landing will work with you to reschedule or cancel the trip with a full refund. Our current baseline for unsafe conditions are wave height of more than 2 feet and wind sustaining around 20-25 knots or more.

Note: We require a 30 minute wait after the last lightning strike or sound of thunder until we can send out the skis. If there are no other rentals, then we can push back your rental time. However, if there is another rental booked, PWC Fishing and Deep Creek Landing will work with you to reschedule or cancel the trip with a full refund.

Where are the jet skis located?

The jet skis are already in the water waiting for your rental! They are located at Deep Creek Landing Marina in Newport News, Virginia. Please note, the jet skis are not on trailers nor can they be trailered anywhere else. 

Are the prices of the Jet Ski rental at PWC Fishing LLC per person?

No. The price is per Jet Ski, which can contain the driver and a passenger, and a small child but, 2 adults and less is preferred.

Will you deduct the instruction time from my driving time?

No, not at all. Your exciting moment on the water starts immediately after you leave the docks. We guarantee your full-time on water, if you arrive on time. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee your full time. 

At what age can you rent the jet ski?

You must be 18 or older to rent and 16 or older to operate with a parent/guardian.

Is the Jet Ski rental the same as a guided fishing rental?

No. For the Jet Ski rental, you get your Seadoo and go out on your own. For the guided fishing trip rental, a local guide will join you and show you where and how to fish.

What is the weight limit for the Jet Ski?

Our Seadoos can carry up to 500lbs. We prefer no more than 2 adults per pwc but, 2 adults and 1 child is the max.

Can I rotate or switch passengers?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot allow you to switch or rotate passengers off the dock. 

Does someone else drive the jet ski for me?

You are your own captain, so you get to drive your own ski! If you would like one of our staff to drive the jet ski for you, we will need at least a 3 day notice, you must call ahead to check for availability, and cost is an additional $150. 

What is the speed limit of the Jet Ski?

While our PWCs can comfortably speed up to 60mph, your speed limit is not restricted. Your speed will vary depending on weather conditions and what speed you are comfortable with.

Can I ride a jet ski even if I have never been on one before?

Yes. Training will be provided on-site beforehand to ensure the safety of every rider.

Can I book a jet ski and use it the same day?

We prefer that you rent your Jet Ski a minimum of 24 hours before to ensure we have one available. However, we can accommodate a late booking, but that depends on availability. Please call to book.

Are there sandy beaches to pull up on?

The jet skis are located on Deep Creek, off the James River. While there are no sandy beaches and the jet skis are not allowed to be pulled onto land, the James River is excellent for fishing and jet skiing. Even cruise over to Smithfield and full send it down the creeks winding behind Smithfield Station. The options are endless! 


The links provided below are for fishing regulations and information. Anyone who wants to fish and does not have a fishing license must register for a FIN# (fisherman Identification number) which is free.

Fisherman Identification Program

Recreational Permit (Cobia)

Virginia Saltwater Fishing Regulations